To Preserve Heritage: Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

To Preserve Heritage: Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Project Release Date 24.09.2023

NGO Mapa Renovation and NGO Vitsche made and released a pilot study on heritage conservation in Bosnia and Herzegovina during and after the war. You can read about the relevant experience and the role of deliberate destruction of heritage in the paper study and the digital one.

The country survived the Bosniak genocide and the war of 1992-1995, and the capital experienced the longest siege of the city in recent history. The destruction of heritage in Bosnia was pervasive, and it was officially established that the country's unique multicultural heritage was a war target.

The case of Bosnia is crucial for the development of international law in the field of cultural heritage, as well as the right of people to its restoration.

We examined the context, nature, and scale of the destruction, the reaction, and actions of the international community; examined how local specialized institutions and volunteers acted and the role of various initiatives in the period of post-war reconstruction. image_1

A pilot study "To preserve heritage: Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina"

Special thanks to NGO Vitsche for the support and partnership of the project, and to the Vidnova Fellowship team for implementation support. Research illustrator: Kateryna Kruhlyk

📚 Research materials are available in Ukrainian and English. If you want a printed edition, please reach us by email: image_2

Cover of the study